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Professional Screenwriter since 1995. Professional Screenplay Ghostwriter since 2007.  Specialize in Comedy, Family Films, Supernatural, Suspense and Spiritual films.  Specialize in Story Development for film and TV Shows and all genres.  Written over fifty scripts, including scripts that have been optioned, produced and/or in development.  Previously lived in Los Angeles and New York City.  Originally from and currently residing in the Boston area.
Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts, Film Program, NYC

MFA with Honors in Screenwriting  (3-yr program)
Hampshire College, Amherst, MA - BA in Narrative Film & Screenwriting  


THE GENERAL’S WIFE  - WWII Period Drama/Thriller
Story Development/Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis & Charles Gibb, PhD

A German youth loyalties are suddenly tested when he discovers that his American born mother is a spy working for his father who is

Nazi General for the Third Reich.
CONSIDER - Scriptshark.com
Semi-Finalist - Blue Cat Screenplay Contest  (and several others)   

THE NAUGHTY BOY  - Holiday/Action/Family
Story Development/Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis & Kyle Watson
When the demand for the new electronic toys threatens to shut down Christmas, Santa must prove he still has what it takes to

keep the one particular Naughty 'kid' in line during Christmas or else be willing to give up his ‘outdated’ elf toys.

Gallagher Literary Agency & Scriptshark.com

DOG GONE DUBIE  - Family/Comedy/Romance
Story Development/Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis and Craig Frankel
An overweight Brooklyn dishwasher who longs to own his own gourmet hotdog business falls in love with an ambitious career driven female dietician who is committed to ridding him of his 'food fetish'.  
CONSIDER from ScriptShark.com
HONORABLE MENTION - ‘The Happy Writer’s Contest


MR. ANONYMOUS - Romance/Comedy

Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis

A romantically challenged mortician who longs for a family suddenly finds himself to be the most sought-after sperm donor in all of New York and in love with a married neighbor who might be carrying his 'next' child. 


THE MOTHER LOAD  - Family/Comedy/Romance
Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis
When a career-driven businesswoman discovers that she has a history of dating men who all have serious ‘mother’ problems, she vows to never date another man again unless she can meet his mother first.  Soon she is dating a co-worker who seems to have the perfect mother only to discover later he is not his 'real' mother. 


UNDATABLE YOU - Comedy/Romance
Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis
When a newly divorced owner of a famous dating service makes a public announcement that she can make anyone in the city of Boston completely 'dateable', she is suddenly confronted by her most 'undatable' new male client of all -- who forces her to make

good on her public promise. 

CUPID'S DAY OFF - Fantasy/Comedy/Romance
Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis
When New York City’s most beloved Cupid is suddenly forced to take Valentine's day off for having to create too many ‘happily-ever-afters’ he decides to get even with his superiors by spending the day finding out what all this human love business is

about, despite it being clearly forbidden. 

IN-BETWEEN - Fantasy/Black Comedy/Drama
Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis
When a seventeen-year-old virgin finds himself suddenly dead and assigned to an Arch Angel ‘from hell’  whose sexual past is everything he ever dreamed of, he soon finds himself embarking on a strange journey to help the Arch Angel right the wrongs he has done to some of the town's most vulnerable women.  


THE GAMEKEEPER  - Family/Action Adventure/Fantasy
Original Screenplay by Suzanne E. Gillis
On Hallows Eve a pre-teen boy purchases an elaborate Medieval board game from a mysterious neighbor only to discover that his baby brother has been trapped inside the game where the evil Wizard Zorak kills

children in order to 'preserve' his evil powers.    


UNDER MY SKIN - Broad Comedy/Romance 
Original Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis
A thrice divorced Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon who is desperate for a career comeback, is talked into transforms a hopelessly romantic male

Chef into a female goddess only to find  himself suddenly

falling in love with his ‘newest’ patient. 
TOP TEN on Triggerstreet.com for Two years
HONORS - Columbia University Film Program