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​​​​​​​Suzanne Elizabeth Gillis​

Screenplay & TV Series Ghostwriter  

Story & Character Development SPECIALIST



The FIRST STEP is to email me with a brief one or two-page synopsis of the main storyline, the main characters and main conflict in the story.  This short synopsis doesn't have too long or perfect, but should simply convey the basic story idea along with the main characters, an ending if you have one already worked out.   If you do not have all these details figured out yet, DON'T WORRY -- that is what the STORY DEVELOPMENT process is all about.  The Story Development process ensures that you have everything you need for a professionally written screenplay worked out before the actual screenwriting process.  

If you have concerns about sharing your 'idea' with someone you don't know, then simply use the NON-DISCLOSURE FORM (SEE BLUE NDF BUTTON ON RIGHT) to protect your story idea before sending it or discussing it with me over the phone.  Once I have your story idea, I will email you to arrange a story conference call to discuss your project with you over the phone.  If you have a book or script already completed or written, or other material about your story, see the bottom of the page for fees and details about how to send this written material to me to review.  

The Story Development Outline is required for all new screenplay projects that are not accompanied by an existing screenplay.  The story development outline provides a scene by scene breakdown of the entire screenplay (20-25 scenes total). It also includes in-depth character development for all the main characters.  It also includes my suggestions in filling in all the missing details the story may lack in terms of genre, theme, structure and character development as well as adequate film chemistry between the main and secondary characters.  See the Story Development page for more details about this Story Development process.  

FIRST DRAFT OF THE SCREENPLAY - $5000.00 - $6000.00
Stories that have gone through the story development process are usually $5000.00 depending on the genre or if they are true stories, period scripts, of scripts with multiple genres or multiple characters (meaning more than 3-6 principal and secondary characters). Stories that require more complicated screenwriting skills will result in a higher fee.  All screenplays are written in FINAL DRAFT software which is the industry standard. Most scripts when completed are approximately 100-120 pages, which again depends on the specific genre.  The turnaround time for completion of a First Draft Screenplay is usually 4-6 weeks.  

The TV Series fee depends on if the TV Series is an hour-long TV show (60 mins) or an half-hour TV Show (30 mins).  It includes the first Pilot EPISODE as well other marketing materials (see TV Series page) needed to sell the new show, including the entire TV Series Story Development process.  It does not include additional TV show EPISODES other than the first pilot episode but does outline these in brief summary form.  The first TV Series pilot episode and is written in Final Draft Screenplay Software and is either 30 pages long for a half-hour episode or 60 pages long for an hour-long episode.  The TV Series Story Development Process is completed within 2 weeks.  Additional TV Series marketing material, including the First Episode, is completed within 4 weeks. 

FEATURE SCREENPLAY POLISH - $1500.00 - $2500.00
The Screenplay Polish is only provided for scripts that I have personally written as a First Draft and which have already been through story development process.  Its purpose is to take all of the working key elements of the FIRST DRAFT and turn the polished version of a feature script which is referred to as 'a page-turner.'   That means it is further tightens and improved the script wherever possible, with specific attention being paid to the action, dialogue, and character arcs while eliminating any 'fat' which slows the reader down.  Turn around time for a Screenplay Polish is usually 2-3 weeks.

FEATURE SCREENPLAY REWRITE - $2500.00 - $3500.00
The screenplay rewrite fee is based on scripts that DO NOT require more than one-half of the script to be rewritten.  If a script needs more than one-half of the script to be rewritten than the fee will be based on how much of a rewrite is required.  In some cases, scripts have to go back through the story development process because they avoided this necessary step.  The script that has gone through the story development process typically only need a polish and not a rewrite. If the rewrite is missing fundamental key elements of the story development process, such as solid structure and proper character development, it may be necessary to do a complete rewrite, including the story development process as well as a new First Draft. I can only determine the needs of a rewrite after I have reviewed the script and can determine if the script can be re-written first.  See fees below for reading and evaluating existing screenplays. 

The Query Letter is considered the number ONE marketing tool in selling a finished feature screenplay.  The Query Letter includes a logline (pitch), a brief synopsis (one paragraph) as well a few lines about the writer (which is you).  It also conveys a hint of the genre so Producers knows who the script will be marketed to.  Turn around time is 1 week.  (This price is for existing clients only). 

This includes three FULL paragraphs and a complete ONE PAGE synopsis which helps to further explain the main story elements and character arcs of the entire screenplay for the reader and the producer.   It is sometimes accompanied with the Query Letter and is also used to help market the screenplay.  (This price is for existing clients only). 

If you have completed a screenplay, book or manuscript regarding your particular project it will have to be read and evaluated for possible use for the screenwriting process.  There is a fee for reviewing and evaluating all material before I can determine if it can be used to help the project.  Once I have read and evaluated the material I will contact you by email to arrange a time to discuss the material with you over the phone.  In some cases, notes will be provided as well.  Turn around time to review material is usually 1 week.  

MANUSCRIPT/TREATMENT REVIEW (40 pages or less) - $100.00 
SCREENPLAY REVIEW (120 pages or less) - $250.00
BOOK REVIEW (350 pages or less) -  $350.00