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 ​​​​​​​Suzanne Elizabeth Gillis​

Screenwriter & Ghostwriter  

Story Development SPECIALIST 

GETTING STARTED​ - As you most know Hollywood has very strict standards when it comes to screenwriting.  But where do these standards come from?  They come from tried and tested genres which have for decades guaranteed both the Producer and audiences a favorably outcome and reaction to movies they spend money to SEE.  But how can you be sure that your movie IDEA has what it takes to satisfy these producers and audiences?  You should start by hiring a professional screenwriter who is not only formally educated in screenplay writing at the best screenwriting school in the country,  Columbia University Graduate School of Arts, Film Program in NYC, but who has also written over fifty scripts, with some optioned, in development and that have won awards.   A professional screenwriter gets READ and noticed.  I also offer something that most other professional screenwriters do not -- I am an extremely fast and highly disciplined writer, who specializes in structure and story development.  Where other writers can take up to six months or a year to complete a single screenplay project, I normally can do it within a few months.  

STORY STRUCTURE  ​ - See the attached Screenplay Story Structure (RED BUTTON ON RIGHT) about the SCREENPLAY STORY STRUCTURE requirements.  Learn more about how this complicated process is actually achieved and why it is so hard to fit it all into a 90 minute film.  You can see how it takes a professional screenwriter to hit all those marks and get it done quickly!  Producers and Readers know by PAGE TEN if they are dealing with a professional screenwriter. If they are NOT they will simply move onto the next screenplay because their time is far too valuable to waste on reading a script that is not professionally written.  You only have one chance to impress them, so make it your best.    Any writer attempting to write a professional scipt has to know the rules and the craft of professional screenwriting. There are no shortcuts.  That is why getting a script 'read' is so hard, because a lot of people trying to sell scripts have not done their homework or hired the right professionals to help them understand these rules and these requirements. 


STAGE ONE -- THE STORY & CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT  - The most important step is the Story Development Process.  (See tab for more details above) This is the stage where the client works directly with the screenwriter during a two-week phone conference process (ten hours total).  All the decisions are made during this process between the client and the screenwriter and are then written in an outline summarizing the 20-25 scenes of the unwritten screenplay. Once the client has reviewed the outline and approved it -- only then does the actually screenwriting process begin.  

STAGE TWO -- THE FIRST DRAFT - This is when you take the concept to the First Draft stage and actually write the feature screenplay.  This process is completed by the screenplay ghostwriter alone.  Once the first draft is completed it is sent back to the client for review.   The outline already detailed what is going to be written and has also been approved at this point, so the client is not surprised by what they see.  Once the first draft is reviewed the client and the screenwriter discuss any further changes for the polish.  

STAGE THREE - THE POLISH  - This is the final steps in the screenwriting process. The polish stage tightens, improves and heightens all the main goals, including the dialogue and story elements of the screenplay.  The screenplay is then given back to the client to register with the (WGAe/w).  After it is registered, it is then ready to be marketed. 

FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION - The three stages of the screenplay ghostwriting process take your original story idea from CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.  It gives you a professionally written script that you will proud both call your own, including a full understanding of how screenwriting works. The process helps the client to more fully understanding why all the 'key story elements' for screenwriting are so vitally important and why they are always included in any professionally written screenplay.  Once you have been through the entire screenplay ghostwriting process, you will have learned a valuable TOOL for understanding how screenwriting works, and use these important tools for any future screenwriting projects.