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Today, many new screenwriters and TV Script Writers find themselves using the internet to both contact producers (with posted companies on-line) and websites which are used by TV and Film Producers.  Today, there are numerous websites that will show and promote your script (and even review them and rate them) so they can get the attention of producers.  Some help you target specific producers that are looking for specific genres.   These website are being updated and changed all the time, but they are useful when starting out as a new screenwriter or TV writer.  


These websites should should be researched and used along with the traditional way of reaching producers, pitchfests and virtual websites for pitching projects directly to producers.  You should do searches for such sites and also reseraching TV or Film producers to find out more about thier companies and what kind of projects they typically make.  You should also contacting these producers and companies directly though thier website emails or through personal phone calls (call if nobody respondes to your email).  

Phone calls and pitch festivals are always the best ways to connect with producers.  They remember people more than projects but the project must still be GREAT!   Today they even offer live' pitch fests (via skype) so you can make a human contact with the producers without having to travel to meet them.  These contacts are very important and if you get their attention, your WELL PRACTICED pitch means your script or TV project will be requested right away.  


In addition, there are several websites that are used by producers who are looking for new material and new projects, but don't want to take the time to meet you or hear from you first.  They know exactly what they are looking for and will use sits like  Blacklist, Specscout, Inktip and others.   These sites help them see your material FIRST and then decide if they want to contact you and set up a meeting.  Screenwriters and TV Script Writers need to be ready to follow up these requests with well prepared material and operate within the websites requests and requirements for promoting their material.  They each have a different way of operating and are unique


For a sceenplay this is a Final Draft script (110 pages) that hopefully has already been reviewed by industry professionals and readers and has already been reviewed as a 'good script' or with 'consider' reviews.   For a TV series that includes the first Episode, also in Final Draft (60 pages) and the TV series Treatment.  Other things you will need is a query letter.  This  includes a well written logline and brief description of the script or TV show as well as a few lines about the script writer (or client).   


All professional script writers register their materials before marketing them.   They use both The Writer's Guild of America (see website) and also The US Copyright Office in Washington, DC  to protect you materials.  Most screenplay writers use both to make sure their materials are fully protected from theft.