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It is NOW easier to market new screenplays and TV series projects online than ever before. More sites are being developed every day to help TV Producers and Film Producers find new material and many accept material from new and/or unknown first time writers. Different sites offer different platforms to show your work as well as as how your material gets rated and exposed. Review them all and find which works best for your material. You will also need the materials to promote your script or TV show including a well written logline and query letter.  TV series will also need a treatment as well as a brief description of four to five additional episodes to make up a full first season. 

The first step is to make sure you hire a professional writer to ensure that your material is is professional written and presented. The reason the TV and Film industry make it so hard to break in, is because too  many first time new writers do are presenting material that is not professional written or presented.  You only get one chance to impress producers, so make sure your material is the best it can be.  Get reviews to make sure it's 'market ready' and also be prepared to have all your professionally prepared marketing material ready as well.   

SCREENPLAY & TV SERIES WEBSITES TO CONSIDER & EXPLORE - I generally tell my clients to review the follow websites such as Inktip.com, Blacklist.com, Specscout.com for websites that accept postings of new screenplays and new TV Series.  I also tell all my clients to first make sure that their stories are well received and ready to be marketed before sending them out to sell.  Web sites such as scriptarsenal.com and specscout.com will review your material for a fee by industry readers.  They will give you valuable feedback on your project and let you know if you are reaching the audience you want to reach, as well as how well this 'new' material and story idea is coming across to professionals in the industry. You only get one chance to impress executives and producers, so it's important to have feedback before sending a new project out.  It will confirm that you are doing your best and putting your best foot forward, and result in less 'rejections' as well as make you feel more confident that your material is written on a professional level and is ready for marketing.   Do you research and see what new sites are also being used.    

THE QUERY LETTER FOR FEATURE SCREENPLAYS - The Query Letter contains three things.  It consists of a LOGLINE, A BRIEF SYNOPSIS (one paragraph) and a few lines ABOUT THE WRITER which is YOU!  The LOGLINE includes the main story idea (meaning the main goal and main conflict for the main character) as well as a hint to the GENRE.  It is never more than two sentences long and should be one sentence if at all possible.   The BRIEF ONE PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS further highlights the story and main characters goals, as well as his/her main flaws.  It clearly demonstrates the main conflicts as well as introduces the challenges of the story as it unfolds.  It does not give away the ending but instead, makes the reader want to find out. It also includes a few lines ABOUT THE WRITER including your college education (if any) writing experience (if any) as well as your career/background.  The Query Letter is often the first thing you will sell your idea to Producer so make sure you have one that is professionally written so that your script will get noticed.   

THE SCREENPLAY AND TV SERIES LOGLINE/PITCH - Many producers are open to reading new material based on a compelling logline which is also called ' the pitch'.  If the LOGLINE grabs their attention and gets them to want to hear more about the main characters and the main story.  This is most commonly included in the Query Letter along with the Brief Synopsis.   For a TV Series, it's outlined in the Treatment. If your logline or pitch is weak you will not get many requests to read the material.  This is key to getting a script marketed and plays a HUGE role in getting your screenplay or TV Series read!  The Query Letter also contains vital INFORMATION that is needed to market your screenplay to Film Producers.  You cannot skip having a well-written Query Letter and or Longline if you want to sell a screenplay.    It is KEY to having the proper marketing materials ready when you are going to start on the marketing process of any new project.  This is your one chance to impress people, so make it your best and be prepared with the right material.  

THE SCREENPLAY ONE OR TWO PAGE SYNOPSIS  - The screenplay synopsis is an ONE to TWO PAGE description of the entire script idea and sometimes accompanies the QUERY LETTER to give the Producer a little more information about the main characters and the structure of the story (plot points).  It is also used to HELP MARKET your screenplay to producers and a most valuable TOOL used to help sell your screenplay idea.  

TV SERIES FULL TREATMENT - The TV Series Treatment is a valuable TOOL to market your TV show. It includes everything a producer needs to know about the full show and the following episodes which will complete the first full season.  See TV Series section for more details about what the full TV Series Treatment includes. 

OTHER SCREENPLAY & TV SERIES MARKETING RESOURCES​ - You can also find Film/TV Producers through the yearly revised industry book: THE HOLLYWOOD CREATIVE DIRECTORY  which lists current Hollywood Film and TV Producers as well as Independent Producers in America.  The WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA website also lists reputable film/TV producers, some who are willing to look at new from new writers.  Check out their company websites and see if they are taking submissions.  If you, so you can then send them your Query Letter or Treatment. There are countless other websites, including sites like PITCHIEST.com which allow new writers different ways to market your material.  Some pitchiest require you to be present, while others allow you to do a pitch over the internet.  Do your own searches online to find out more about who these different ways you can reach producers with your material and see which one works best for you.    

REGISTERING YOUR MATERIAL - Your completed material should be registered before sending it out.  Use The Writer's Guild of America and the US Copyright Office in Washington, DC  to protect you material  

BE SURE YOUR SCRIPT OR TV SHOW IS MARKET READY -  This is the most important step before sending OUT any new material out.  You have something complete new and original, so you must first tes it by having it read by industry professional and seeing how they are reacting to the material BEFORE  you start to target actual PRODUCERS! I  recommend using blacklist.com and specscout.com for reviwing your material and also scriptarsenal.com.   Each site operates differently so review them to see if they are a good fit for your material.   

WEBSITES TO SHOWCASE YOUR MATERIAL - Inktip,com and Blacklist.com.   Both of these sites will actually list your material and promote if if it RATES HIGH enough in its review.  This is a great way to get noticed and is also prove that your material is both good and being well received as well as being fully -- market ready.   You should also always visit other sites for reviews and advertising to see how well they are rated in the industry, what industry professionals are using them and what seems best for your specific goals/needs. 

You can also try TVWritersVault.com, which accept TV Series as well as Feature Screenplays.  ALWAYS do your own homework for online website before submitting your material and make sure you are ready to provide them with the marketing materials they will require.