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Feature Screenplay: Supernatural, Spiritual, Drama
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Jesse Battle

The Invisible War is a supernatural spiritual drama that follows the life of a struggling black artist reluctant to believe in God after being abused as a child, who suspects he is being stalked by a threatening woman who possesses a demonic spirit.  Scenes often deliver on this high expectation and highlight the risks to the protagonist who derives tension from these obstacles effectively. Action relates well to the core concept, and the characters have room to be explore their emotions as well as convey meaningful subtextl.  As Jesse is repeated stalked by Simone, who is hell bent on converting him towards occult and Satan, Jesse soon finds himself turning to religion in an effort to get her out of his life.   Jesse is further educated in ways of demons by Born Again Christian, Angela, who works with Jesse at a hotel and who offers Jesse advise on how to deal with them through Bible teachings about 'Spiritual Warfare'.  Through a series of complelling encounters with Simone and her 'fellow' demons, Jesse soon discovers his true ‘gift’ of discern ‘demonic spirits’ living inside human beings -- a gift he possessed as a child but has since forgotten.  This ‘gift’ also proves to provide another spiritual awakens when a message is relayed to him from God that he has been  chosen as the ‘Last Prophet’ to rid New York City of its demonic presence.   As Jesse struggles to deal with this revelation he turns towards Christianity itself to bind the evil spirts around him. As the battle escalates between Simone, and her fellow Satan/occult worshiping roommate, Ceasar, Jesse is lured into a den of evil in a tent located at the Brooklyn Trinidad Street Carnival where attendees offer human sacrifices to Satan.  Here Jesse confronts all the demons, including the Satan himself, in a climatic scene which proves to be both realistic and breathtaking.  This script deserves high marks.  Great writing!
RECOMMEND - Reader from Specscout.com

One-hour TV Drama Series
TV Series Development & First Episode
Script Writers & TV Series Treatment:​​ Suzanne Gillis & Michael Jackson

There is solid potential in for this TV Series premise, particularly in the nostalgic feel and the transition 12 year-old Michael makes from a dangerous urban area environment to the pleasant life on a rural farm. The contrast between life in the North Philly projects, complete with broken elevators and aggressive gang members recruiting young kids, to life in Quaker/Amish Lancaster County – with swimming/fishing holes and feeding livestock – is quite effective. The meeting between Big Momma and Miss Stuckland effectively sets up the action and change of location that follows.  Once Michael arrives at the farm, the writer does a solid job drawing him out of his shell and showing him form friendships with the other orphaned, neglected and abused boys.  The bonds are formed and the storyline is engaging at all times. The strong characters who encounters bullies, negro girls at a neighboring farm for girls who they engage with through weekly dances, as well as the many other adventures highlighted in the additional episodes, makes this TV Series stand out and highly unique.
Reader NSP - ScreenplayCoverage.com 

One-hour TV Drama/Comedy/Adventure Series
TV Series Development, First Episode & TV Series Treatment:
TV Series Script Writers: Suzanne Gillis & Micheal Jackson

SFFB's main characters are charming.  A young boy from the projects of Northern Philadelphia is lucky to have a grandmother, Big Momma, so determined to protect him from gangs that she talks her grandson’s way into a three-year program with the Quakers that teaches academics and farming life far away from the inner city projects. The writer shows a strong ability in good storyteller as Michael’s journey to Sunnycrest Farm is both touching and engaging.  You have set up a family that you can really root for – which viewers will want to tune in to find out what happens to the family and to Michael on a weekly basis.  There is a Family Television feel to your script as well as a unique and lively family that we can really care about root for right away. Despite the danger lurking in the Projects, your script has a very warm and hopeful feel to it which a viewer can easily share with his whole family.  There is no visual violence from the gangs in North Philly, but only sounds and threats made, which makes Michael’s stay at Sunnycrest seems like a bucolic, adventurous journey full of boyish scuffles and challenges free from violence.  Since this is also autobiographical, we eagerly anticipating Michaels ‘weekly’ adventures. Strength of family is a good theme -- especially the strength of the women – Big Momma, Van, and Miss Stuckland. Michael having doubts about leaving his family to take advantage of Sunnycrest is every child’s experience on leaving home for the first time.  The importance of having good friends around him is also a theme for Michael - as well as sharing his family with his newfound ‘orphaned buddies’ who never grew up with families of their own or the experience ‘loving relatives.’ The overall tone of your TV Series is youthful and one of discovery.  This could be a great TV show for the entire family.
Reader SLT - ScreenplayCoverage.com 

One hour TV Drama Series 

TV Series Development & First Episode & TV Series Treatment

TV Script Writers: Suzanne Gillis & Michael Jackson

SUNNYCREST FARM FOR BOYS drama pilot centers on the journey of a young boy, who struggles with the joys and the heartbreak of growing up in the 1960's in the North Philadelphia Projects and at Sunnycrest Farm for boys. The time-period and culture feel authentic and the tone is consistently dramatic. The pilot offers a cast of likable and charming characters driven by the emotional goals and struggles.  The opening is strong and easily pulls the audience into the pilot as well as nicely sets the tone as well as firmly establishes the culture and time-period. The image of opening with JFK speaking in the North Philly projects to a mostly Negro crowd is smart.  The main characters opening voice-over is also sharp as it introduces the audience to Michael's ordinary world.  The idea of Michael attending Sunnycrest Farm is the pivotal event that changes Michael's life forever.  The rest of the pilot is driven by Michael's struggle to adjust to his new world full of farm life, Quaker values, the surrounding Amish community and the orphan boys, some of who becomes his most ‘trusted’ friends against the many orphaned and abused bullies.   
Reader TZ – Screenplayreaders.com   

Half-hour TV Show for Pre-Teens, Animation & Live Action
TV Series Development & First Episode:
TV Series Script Writers:  Suzanne Gillis & Lennox Blackwood

Thank you, Suzanne, for all your talent in helping me develop this pre-teen animated and live action TV series kids show.  Your contribution to the characters and story was extremely appreciated as well as your attention to many fine details.  You somehow took my strange animated 'cooking utensil' characters and brought them to life -- giving them each very distinct voices with personalities which exceeded my expectations. They are now equal to many famous animation TV shows and movies of our times and completely unforgettable. I also enjoyed the process of working with you which helped me to better understand the entire TV SHOW development process.  It allowed me to walk away with the TV script that I truly love as well as an incredible first episode.  I am grateful to you for all your hard work and additional help after the project was finished.  Your suggestions on how to prepare material for marketing was extremely helpful. Can't wait to use you again on more future projects!
Lennox Blackwood, Client, London, UK

Feature Film - Period Drama, Suspense Thriller
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Charles Gibbs

This WWII drama has a compelling premise — a high-ranking Nazi General is married to an American wife who is secretly working with the Allies, and their teenage son who is torn between his parents.  The concept provides lots of narrative tension and forces you to care deeply about Kurt’s untenable position trapped between his feelings for both parents whom he deeply loves. I also enjoyed the similarity to Alfred Hitchcock’s NOTORIOUS, in which Nazi Claude Rains discovers he is married to an American spy played by Ingrid Bergman and the tension of how it played out once she entered his house. The dialogue has a formal quality to it which is appropriate to Europe in WWII. “I have no intentions of abandoning my wife now, or in the future. Nor do I feel my son would approve of such an arrangement.” None of the dialogue jarred me out of the time and place of the story, and in my experience is a rare achievement. The complicated climax was well was well choreographed, with the writer deftly keep track of the movements of over a dozen characters. Well done!
Reader 8204 - The Blue Cat Screenplay Contest 

Feature Film: Period Drama, Suspense Thriller
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Charles Gibb​

Gripping and intense in a number of respects, this script begins with an innately high-stakes scenarios and builds upon it a storyline that remains energetic and fairly harrowing throughout its duration. The opening immediately establishes the tone and historical backdrop of the story, following Nancy as she is exiled and Kurt begins growing up without her. As she attempts to reach out to him, first pulling Kurt into a more rebellious mindset, the story advances toward its second act, following both of them to a surprising turning point as Albert essentially decides to join their cause.  At every turn, it feels as if Kurt, Nancy, and even Albert are risking their lives in the name of completing increasingly valiant deeds, and this sense of imminent repercussions creates a natural investment in their actions. Some solid character beats, funneling toward a conclusion that seems fast-paced and action-packed, this script deserves credit for rendering a narrative with some intrinsic, gripping appeal, and a broader presentation that comes across as entertaining throughout its duration.
Scriptshark.com - Reader EK 

Feature Film - Period Drama, Suspense Thriller
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Charles Gibb

THE GENERAL’S WIFE has an intriguing, evocative premise that remarkably hasn’t been done before to this reader’s knowledge, despite the plethora of films about World War II.  It’s got a universally understandable dilemma for all three lead characters - Albert, a Nazi, his wife Nancy who works for the Allied forces in secret, and Kurt their son, who is stuck in between his two parents and pulled in both directions. The script structures itself around this setup smartly, with Albert’s turn not coming until midway through the story, at which point the family is united in purpose against the Nazis, culminating in a climactic wedding sequence that is rich with tension.
Specscout.com Reader  


Feature Film: Drama, Period, Suspense Thriller
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Charles Gibb

"Utilizing a fascinating concept within a proven genre, THE GENERAL’S WIFE unfolds a sweeping insight into a family torn apart and ultimately finding redemption within humanity’s most brutal setting. Within this rich tableau, the screenplay conjures fascinating character dynamics, reveals unique perspectives, and weaves these elements into an engrossing, entertaining, and fiercely cinematic screenplay.  It is abundantly clear that THE GENERAL’S WIFE is a great screenplay with a solid structure and the writers’ outstanding prowess is evident throughout."
Scriptshark.com - Reader GM 

Feature Film: Suspense, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure
Story Development & Rewrite Script Writer: Suzanne Gillis
"Thank you so much for all your hard work in this difficult rewrite.  You addressed all our main concerns as well as fixed all the character issues which were holding back the story and did it all in record time to meet our shooting deadline.  Your suggestions and insight were dead on and exactly what we needed and helped to make this a much stronger script from start to finish.  We will certainly be looking forward to working with you again on other future projects."
STELLAR FILMS - PRODUCERS Livi Zheng & Zane Thomas 
Feature Film: Holiday, Family, Adventure, Fantasy
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Kyle Watson

This has great potential as a movie about a boy who decides to reclaim the true spirit of Christmas and remind people what the holidays are all about – family.  It’s a great theme and sadly often overlooked during the holidays.  These days, Christmas seems to have become all about the presents.  I like that the writers are able to take the story to the extreme point of James stealing presents in an attempt to make parents and kids realize that they need to communicate better. The parents realize that they've been interfering with Santa by buying presents for their kids.  That's all great and really hits the theme.’

Scriptshark.com - Reader EK 


Feature Film: Holiday, Family, Adventure, Fantasy
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Kyle Watson​

Suzanne, I wanted to say that I believe in you. You are an extremely talented writer and are always in tune with every aspect of this screenplay project, even aspects that often elude me. This script is already incredible and I believe that a lot of that is purely you. You probably already know that, but, I felt compelled to say it now so maybe there is a reason for it. I look forward to seeing the final draft and getting this project into the movie theaters very soon.
Kyle Waston - Client, Co-Writer & Co-Developer 

Feature Film: Holiday/Family/Fantasy
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Kyle Watson​

A fun holiday family film with enough whimsy and wit to appeal to both children and adults, THE NAUGHTY BOY creates a vivid fantasy world but populates it with believable, complex characters. James is a wonderful protagonist, and his growth from insensitive lout into a caring person is affecting because he is such a nuanced character, with complicated emotions just like a child in his situation would be. The other characters are likewise immediate and emotionally real, so the dramatic stakes of the story always feel important. THE NAUGHTY BOY has a number of great ideas percolating through it, and is packed with wonderful characters.
RECOMMEND - Reader John Papapvolos, Gallagher Literary Agency

Feature Film: Musical, Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy
Story Development & Screenwriters:  Suzanne Gillis & Jeffrey West

First of all, I want to say how much FUN I'm having with this project.  It has been an extraordinary experience for me and it's just the beginning. I feel CONNECTED and ENGAGED in the creative process again and I'm LOVIN' it!  I have no idea how you did it, but you took my crazy idea about a Musical love story with an AWOL Alien who sings lead in a Country Western band and falls in love with a female SINGER -- beyond what I had ever imagined.  The characters are incredible now!  Thank you! You really ramped it up this fantastical story and made sense of all the crazy elements -- including developing an incredible cast of characters -- and turned it ALL into an enormously workable and entertaining movie! And as for the MUSIC, you even encouraged me to WRITE TWO NEW songs which pulled it all together even more, in terms of the emotional elements needed to round out this incredible CAST of unique characters.  Outstanding JOB! 
Jeffrey West - MUSICIAN & SONGWRITER - Santa Cruz, California

Feature Film: Broad Comedy, Romance
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Craig Frankel​

"Bright, funny, and playfully optimistic in tone, this script begins with a unique concept and builds upon it a touching romantic comedy scenario. Excellent characters, a subtle and elegant overall delivery, and a strong sense of cinematic storytelling further bolster a finished product that feels as if it possesses an innate and natural sense of commercial appeal. In its quirky, offbeat sensibilities, and its distinctive style and written voice, it proves thoroughly entertaining from start to finish." 
CONSIDER - Scriptshark.com - Reader EK

Feature Film - Broad Comedy, Romance
Story Development & Screenwriters: Suzanne Gillis & Craig Frankel

With her knowledge of screenplays, Suzanne was able to take my story and create a screenplay that has structure, style, and flow. She created the dialogue that helped the characters have an endearing nuance to them. She was able to build character arcs that allow the story to be told in such an engaging way that the personalities of the characters literally jump off the page at you. I highly recommend Suzanne!  
Craig Frankel - Client, Co-Write & Co-Developer 

Feature Film - Holiday, Fantasy, Romance
Original Screenplay by Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis ​

Suzanne, this was a really cover-to-cover fun read and a story that I believe will find a home. It reminds me a great deal of an old Jack Benny movie, 'THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT'. It is about Ethanial, an angel, sent to blow Gabriel's horn at midnight, thus ending the world. Naturally, he fails and it is a hilarious look at the fish-out-of-water among humans in New York City. It also reminded me a bit of MICHAEL, but the more innocent side. 
Joseph Pillitteri - Professional Screenwriter & Mentor


Feature Film: Holiday, Fantasy, Romance 
Original Screenplay by Screenwriter:  Suzanne Gillis 

Fun idea! Kind of like a cupid "Meet Joe Black" or "City of Angels" without the bummer ending. And with it being about Cupid, I buy that we should ultimately root for a happy ending. The story is pure imagination! Must have pulled this idea up out of a hat and I loved all the visual imagination and sheer creativity. Makes me think writing this screenplay must have been fun, like getting in touch with the kid inside you to create your own modern-day fairy tale.
Cheryl Laughlin - Screenwriter 


Feature Film: Comedy, Romance
Original Script by Screenwriter:  Suzanne Gillis ​

Big Plusses! This is a romantic comedy that has a very clear, original, highly clever premise. You know how to create believable characters and walk them through very funny situations. The script has a definite appeal over and above the average romantic comedy because of the mortician and sperm donor angle. This is a topic not many dare to tackle. Great job!
CANE 49 -  Screenwriter & Mentor


Feature Film:  Comedy, Romance
Original Script by Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis

Every once in awhile a script comes along that is fresh, original, and just a lot of fun to read! This was that script. I loved the characters and the funny aspect of the story had just enough seriousness to not be too cheesy. It's obvious that the writer is experienced as this was a breeze to read. Well done!
Joseph Pillitteri - Professional Screenwriter & Mentor

Feature Film:  Comedy, Romance
Original Script by Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis
First off, I really enjoyed 'The Mother Load.' It was indeed one of the most entertaining scripts I've read in a long while. The prize of the script is the characterizations. Especially the quirkiest characters like Marion, the mother, who manages to keep the story flowing rather nicely along. The characterizations are almost good enough to sell the story on their own.
Alfredo Fortuna - Professional Screenwriter & Mentor

Feature Film: Comedy, Romance
Original Script by Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis ​​

Wow, Suzanne, this is a terrific screenplay and the best I've read on this Web site. I can understand why producers are interested in reading it. You take a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy and deviate from its standard procedure producing an entertaining and lovable script. You really describe your characters accurately and paint an excellent picture of them in the reader's mind. Great premise, great chemistry, and a great plot. Congratulations!
Justin Kremer – Screenwriter & Mentor

Feature Film: Fantasy/Drama/Comedy
Original Script by Professional Screenwriter:  Suzanne Gillis ​

Great Originality. I love this kind of story that takes us out of the everyday world into the strange unknown. There are other scripts about the afterlife, but this one has spark because Sam isn’t your average Arch Angel. He’s mean, grumpy, self-absorbed and hates dead kids. His inaction practically jumps off the page when he does nothing but get pissed off at his fate in the afterlife, while being forced to do good for the newly dead whom will all have far a better afterlife than he ever will have. Bryan is his final chance at redemption, once Bryan figures out Sam’s dark. The premise of ‘what happens to a guy who never had a chance to do any good in life – but now gets one last chance to pull it off’ in death is a great one. Seeing the living and dead interact in the tiny town of Hadleyville, NY helps makes Sam and Bryan’s journey all that much more fun and terrifying, and gives great scope and depth to their final mission.
Joseph Pillitteri  - Professional Screenwriter & Mentor 


Feature Screenplay: Fantasy, Action Adventure, Family
Original Script by Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis

The driving concept is a young boy in the 1980’s who is trapped in a board game that teaches him how to become a man while also learning the harsh lessons of reality that his father is trying to teach him.  The premise is easily delivered and is accompanied by a compelling structure that is consistent from start to finish. There is also a strong theme that stems from a premise about the power of imagination and staying true to one's inner self.  A slew of added characters in the fantasy world mirror similar characters in the boy's world which adds extra flavor to the story which delivers on its many expectations.  The film contains elements of other such commercial hits as BACK TO THE FUTURE, JUMANJI, A KID IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT, HARRY POTTER and THE WIZARD OF OZ.  The tone is effective within its genre and creates a world that is both mystical and fresh. 
RECOMMEND  - Scriptshark.com - Reader BN

Feature Screenplay: Fantasy, Action Adventure, Family
Original Script and Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis 

“The combination of characters and setting help create a most original premise which is set in the 1980’s in Northern California.  A teenage boy spends his day’s obsession with the famous board game Dungeons and Dragon’s which forces his father to make a decision to take the game away.  Distraught, the boy soon purchases another even more elaborate game from a local junk dealer unaware of its dangerous powers.  Soon the boy's three-year-old brother is sucked into the game where an evil sorcerer uses children’s fingers to gain his evil powers which force the boy and his two friends to try and rescue him -- all while his parents are busy attend a neighbors Halloween party nearby and are unaware of what is going on at their home.  The characters and dialogue are greatly distinguished from each other and do not fall prey to the typical high school stereotypes.  Conflict is presented right from the beginning and accompanies a strong and compelling structure.  The writing is presented in a professional manner from start to finish and posses a highly original and vibrant tone.” 

RECOMMEND - Specscout.com - Reader TH

Feature Screenplay: Broad Comedy, Romance 
Original Script and Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis

I liked this. You have a knack for picking out risqué topics and giving what you write that extra punch to it. Originality! The script wins big prizes for this. Tyrone's character makes the script very original.
Joseph Pillitteri - Professional Screenwriter & Mentor 

Feature Screenplay: Broad Comedy, Romance 
Original Script by Professional Screenwriter: Suzanne Gillis

 I've read comedies on this site, but this one absolutely cracked me up. This is a movie that has to get made! Anything less would be a sin. All the characters were well developed, each one with their own distinct voice--some with much higher ones than others. This was an entirely new spin on the Romantic Comedy! Great idea.