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The Screenplay Story Development Process is the MOST important step in the entire Screenplay Ghostwriting and TV Series Development process.  It is designed to eliminate all MISTAKES in the writing process before the writing starts -- so you can AVOID the need for rewrites once a script or TV series is complete.  The STORY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS ensures that all the right 'KEY STORY ELEMENTS' are in place and present BEFORE the actual writing starts.  The means for a screenplay you have a completed outline of all 20-25 scenes as well as a solid structure and clearly defined CHARACTER ARCS in place for the all the main and secondary characters.   For TV Series, it means you have the right 'character chemistry, scene location, and setting, and audience 'viewing' elements firmly in place for a TV show that is visited by audiences weekly. 

My job to help guide you through this entire process. I will be taking your idea and adding all the necessary MISSING elements to make sure your script or TV show delivers.  This includes fully developed three-dimensional characters, a working genre, a theme and a solid structure as well as necessary plot twists where needed.  The outcome is a professionally written project that you can call your own and market, knowing that it meets all the professional requirements.  Many of my clients find the story development process along offers the most rewarding part of the entire writing process because it teaches them what they need to know before starting new projects and why all these 'key elements' need to be in place in order to make the entire project is professional and enticing enough to garner the attention it deserves from industry professionals.  


A professional screenwriter knows what producers are looking for.  They can help explain why these 'choices' are necessary to the ensure the success of your project.  If story development process is NOT offered chances are you are NOT working with a professional screenwriter or TV writer.   The result will be a script or TV series that has gone astray and fails to meet the professional requirements of industry professionals.   Producers know their craft and can spot amateur writers by page ten.   It is important you hire a writer who knows what producers are looking for and know how to make your story stand out and deliver 'on all levels' which takes years of experience in the craft of screen and TV writing.  


The Story Development Process is a 2-3 week process that consists of ten (10) one-hour long phone conversations between the screenwriter (ME) and the client (YOU).  Once the story development process is complete and the outline (or other materials) is given back to the client to sign off on.  Once the story development stage is completed, the rest of the writing is done by the screenwriter. The client is only involved during the story development stage.  The FIRST WEEK is usually focused on character development and character choices for the main and secondary characters.  It also ensures that the main and secondary characters have the right 'chemistry' to work within the genre and conflict requirements of the main story idea.   The SECOND WEEK is spent discussing all the key story elements and ensuring that the conflict of the story presents a solid structure, genre, and theme.  The THIRD WEEK is done when the screenwriter has successfully gathers all the necessary material to complete the story development outline which is then approved by the client once it is completed.    


The screenwriter will walk you through the entire process, step by step.  Each writing process is accompanied by a different It all starts with a good solid story IDEA and some unique and interesting characters.   Using the story development process, you will be guided through the process of more choices to make sure that idea and those characters work on every level necessary to complete a professional script. That is why I work closely with my clients to make sure you are getting the movie you want -- and ALSO a movie that producers and audiences want.   The KEY elements discussed and chosen for your film will ensure the success of the movie you want.   This is why the THREE STAGES are screenwriting are so important.  

Each Step takes your project to the next professional level until it is completed.  This three-stage process has proven to be extremely effectiveand gives the client a 'hands-on look' of what is required for professional screenplay writing.  From concept to completion you will be guided along the way to a professionally completed marketable project.  See client TESTIMONIES on this site for comments about working on similar projects.    

​​​​Suzanne Elizabeth Gillis​

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