The Screenplay Story and Character Development Process is the MOST important step in the entire Screenwriting Process.  It is designed specifically to define and eliminate all missing KEY screenplay elements and ADD them before the screenwriter starts the process of writing the first draft.   This includes focus on genre, character selection and interactions (chemistry), plot structure and original ending.  These key elements are then discussed and agreed upon by both the client and the professional screenwriter during the story development stage.  They will be highlighted in a outline which will include a brief description of the 20-25 scenes that will be written in the first draft.  This outline also shows a glimpes of the characters roles in each scene and emphasis' the CHARACTER ARCS (how the grow and change during the hightened and progressive 'conflict' in the film/plot.)


For a new TV Series the right 'character chemistry' is key for any successful show.   This is also true of the  location and backdrop of the show (genre) which must intrigue audiences enough to want to visit repeatedly.  My job as a professional screenwriter and TV show writer is to help guide the client through these stages and make the RIGHT  'selections' for these requirements to make sure their project meets the standards expected in the industry professionals (the producers).    

As a professional screenwriter and TV series writer, I will be taking your screenplay idea or TV series idea and add all the MISSING KEY elements to ensure it is ready to compete with other projects that they will encounter in the marketing process.   This process includes developing fully original three-dimensional characters who are unforgettable and unique.  It also makes sure that the genre is chosen carefully and is attached to a rock solid structure.  The ending is also key as you want the audience to leave feeling fully satified by the experience.   The outcome is a professionally written screenplay project or TV show that the client can feel confident is the best it can be.      


 Most all of my projects are given a 'consider or recommend' with reviews from projessional 'industry readers' and have been well recieved by many producers.  So you can be sure you are in good hands when you have hired me as your professional screenwriter to help you with your screenplay project.  .A professional screenwriter for hire knows exactly what producers crave as well as how to execute it in the craft of screenwriting.  They have experience in working with genres that will best capture your original story and characters in the best way possible.    

The result is a professional screenwriter who can give voice to your project and take it the next level of professional screenwriting.   Producers can spot an bad script a mile away.  By page TEN (story set up) they will know it is not a professionally written or TV project and they will simply pass on it.   Every twenty pages thereafter just deliver specific story and character develoment as well as structure, or they will simply loose interest as will also your audience.  That is why it is hard to get a good script to producers.  They know too many scripts are not being written by professionals and they don't have time for it.  So they give it to readers to pass up the 'food' chain.  If it does, they wil eventually read it.  That is why hiring a professional is so important. Producers don't care what your background is -- but they do care if you know how to write and if you know what sells to an audience! That is where the professional screenwriter can help you most.  No matter what the goal is, I can ensure your Screenplay or TV Series Writing project gets to where it needs to go.    


The Story and Character Development Process for a Feature Length Screenplay is generally about 2-3 weeks. It consists of ten (10) one-hour long phone conversations between the screenwriter and the client and is completed with an outline (brief description) of the 20-25 scenes that will be written out fully in the first draft of the screenplay.   Once the development stage it complete, the first draft is written which will take from 4-6 weeks to complete.  

For TV show this is generally the same.  However, the TV Series is developed  a little differently.  There is more focus on the theme, location and the genre, along with the character development because a TV show last much longer than one movie.  This is something that has to be though out carefully and excuted in a different format.   


Either way, you've come to the right person.  As a professional screenwriter I will help you select the right choices for your unique project and impliment them for you in the final product.  I will guide you though the process, step by step, and work closely with you to get the results you are looking for in your story and characters.  With my professional screenwriting knowledge you can be sure your story will have all the KEY elements required to make your project stand out.  Read reviews of my other clients who have all completed projects and worked with me in the past. I'm sure you'll agree, they feel typically confident they choose the right professional screenwriter to work with on their first TV Series or Screenplay Writing projects.  

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