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The professional screenwriter for hire is here to help you develop and execute your new original TV show.  The TV Series Character and Story Development Service is similar to the screenplay process, but includes more in-depth description of the main characters and how they interact and are expected to grow within the TV show series.   The TV series location is also key to its success and must be choosen carefully. It will be the backdrop to each weekly show and must be a 'location/set and theme' that both the key audience will want to revisit weekly and for some time.  It is key to any shows success as well as the chemistry between the main characters.  


The TV Series Development process is complted typically within 4-6 weeks. It is best written by a professional TV script writer who knows what is key to a succesful TV show that will appeals to both TV producers and TV audiences alike.  Today many new T shows are being created by Amazon, Hulu and others.  They have very unique locations and characters as well as themes.  Each process of the TV Series (and other writing services) is accompanied by a writing contract which is signed by both the screenwriter or TV script writer and the client. 

The professional TV script writer must help you choose a natural setting and location for your TV show that sets it apart from the other shows.  The professional script writer must also help you choose a specific audience and find ways to capture their 'weekly' attention with both characters and storylines that make them want to repeatedly 'tune in'.  


The professional script writer can also help you choose the correct main characters for your new TV show and help you develop them with chemistry and conflict in mind.  This is critical for a new show as the main characters interacts will dictate if the show is successful in sustaining an audiencs attention 'long term'.   The professional  script writer can help you select them and also make sure they are 'introduced' both dramatcially and clearly in the first epsidode by conveying their specific agendas and conflict with their co-hosts.

 By hiring a professional screenwriter you can easily work towards all these TV series writing goals.  You can learn more about the craft of writing as well as well as how these shows and characters are fully developed and why. The full TV Series Story and Character development process is about 4-6 weeks long. It includes the first Pilot Episode (up to sixty pages) which is is written in Final Draft, the professional TV and screenplay writing software.  It is also presented to the client in PDF file (in case they do not own Final Draft).   

The cost of the full TV Series Character & Story Development Service is $5500.00 and includes the first Pilot Episode.


The five additional episodes (the first full season) is not included in the TV Story or Character development stage or with the First Pilot Episode.  The addtional Five Episodes and  TV Series Treatment (up to 30 pages) is a separate contract and is done after the first phase of the TV Series development process is completed.  The five additional episodes are summaries (up to one page each) and give the Producer an addtional glimpes of what the characters will be doing, as well as their challenges. 

The TV Series treatment is also completed and is written by the TV script writer as a way to breakdown of the entire TV series elements for the producer for the entire first season of the show.   The TV series Treatment contains a summary of of FIVE additional TV series first season episodes as well as demonstrates how the main characters interact and move fowards with thier individual 'agendas'.  

The TV Series treatement is written by the script writer and is given back to the client in a PDF Form.  The TV Series Treatment is generally 25-30 pages long when complete and is offen accompanied with the first Episode.   

The cost for the Full TV Series Treatment and additional Five Episodes (summarized) is $2500.00.

The TV Series Treatment includes the following:

TV Show Title      

The TV Show Logline 

TV Show Main Concept,Theme & Location

Full List of Main Characters (and what makes them unique)

​Additional FIVE Episodes (summarized) for first season