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The Four Keys to Great Characters

There are many writers who ignore taking the time to really get to know their characters intimately.  For characters to stand out, you need to do an in-depth character background, on each character, so you know them inside and out, including their detailed background, flaws and strengths.


Know your character’s morals, upbringing, and education and ‘core’ values are essential to writing their dialogue and reactions.  You don’t need to worry if these details make to the scene and page, but as a writer you do need to know who they are and how they would ‘react’ in most situations.   The most important element is to include the character ‘flaw’ which makes them stand out ‘emotionally’ to the audience. Once they get what’s troubling them and can relate and start to route for them.  It is always the ‘human flaw’ that the audience remembers the most about the characters.  And how they overcome those ‘flaws’ in the end.

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Selling Scripts on-line

Many writers have their own methods for selling scripts on-line.  Luckily, there are now many new websites that producers use to find new talent, new scripts and new writers.  You can now easily pitch your ideas by displaying your logline and synopsis and script on-line where producers can find them.  If the producer is interested in the genre you are working with and the concept, they can download your material, review and then contact you directly if they are interested in your script.


Here are just a few websites to try —


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Get Your Script Reviewed

It is important to know your script is ready to be sold before you start to market it. Script reviews by industry professionals verifies that your project is ready to be read by producers.  It also gives you the confidence to know that your original new and unique story is it hitting its mark as well as your ‘target’ audience.


Scripts that are given a  ‘consider’ or ‘recommend’ by Industry professionals and Industry readers are usually given some attention.   That is why it is so important to have feedback on a new story you’ve created so you can be confident it is ready to be sold.  You want to put your best foot forward, so make sure others agree your project is worthy of a producer’s time.

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