Book Editing

Book Editing

After reading and evaluating your book, I will suggest in either the book itself or through notes what needs to be changed or improved upon. The focus will be on how the story flows in terms of the structure and chapter layout, as well as the overall theme and character elements.  The editing will also focus on how well the characters evolve or if they need improvements, including adding more depth to them and occasional dialogue to make them stand out more.  Details to description are also addressed as well as the ending and overall take away – the theme and message – of the book and how well it impacts the reader.

Story Structure and Chapters for books

 Some edits include actual eliminations, moving of paragraphs or text and/or restructuring the book chapters.  The overall story outline and flow of the story (plot issues) are very important in books and are also fully addressed.

Character Development for Books

The Characters are usually what drives the story in books, so making sure that they are unique and fully development is key to any success for a book.  The other additional supporting characters are also critical. 

The Story Development Process for books

 If both the story structure and characters are in need of additional focus or development for the book, it is possible the book needs to go through a entire story development process first. See screenplay story development process to get a better idea on how this process works.  

Book Evaluations

All of the needs of the book will be addressed in the initial evaluation of the book and provided in notes to the Author.  The Author can then determine if they want to use my Book Editing, Book Ghostwriting, or Book Polishing services, if they agree with the suggested improvements.  Each book is different and requires a different amount of work, based on the Author’s previous writing experience and background.   


Maintaining Full Ownership

The Book Editor, Book Ghostwriter, or Book Polishing services do not affect the Author’s full ownership of the book.  This is stated in all the written contracts.  The Author always maintains full ownership of the book and it’s entire content, despite having taken the help of a Book Ghostwriter.


Fee to edit a full book – $2500.00