Book Evaluation

Book Evaluation

The first step to hiring me to help you with your book is to get your book evaluated.  I can then see what you are trying to write about and make a more detailed and informed attempt at offering help with the project.  I will detail in notes what needs to be improved upon and what is working as is.   Once the Author receives the notes he or she can determine if they agree with the evaluation and want to hire me, the writer, to help them improve their book.

As a book writer, you must be able to communicate both through emails and phone.  You must also have something written out and completed – hopefully a full first draft of the book – which is more than just having an ‘idea for a book’ and wanting someone else to help develop and write it for you.  A book is a very personal thing and must come from the ‘author’s’ voice first.  That means all the characters already written down as well as the basic story and written out by the original author, before someone can help them improve on the book.

I do not spend hours or days listening to clients tell me about their ‘stories’ and writing down this information for them, as this would take far too long.  Once the first draft of the book is written out, you can then work with professional writers to help you improve upon what you have created and get the book to a more professional level.  Again, book writing is a very personal experience and must come from the original author’s mind FIRST before hiring a book editor or ghostwriter.

Fee to read and evaluate a book –  $350.00


All Books must be under 360 pages. If the book is longer a higher fee will apply based on length.

NOTE: I do not work on books that contain sci-fiction (future worlds and utopias), comic book or immature themes, horror, explicit sex or graphic violence (drug worlds or sex books).  All books must have a strong message and theme.  I do accept working on Children and Teen books.