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The FIRST STEP to starting a new project is to email me with a brief description of what the main story line is about for your screenplay or TV project.  A list of characters is also helpful.  The description doesn’t have to be perfect, but should convey the time period, location, main conflict and information about the main characters. If you do not have all these details worked out yet — DON’T WORRY — that is not a problem!  That is what the Story and Character Development process is all about.  Just try and convey as much information as you can so I can get a sense of the story and genre.  I do not accept all projects however, and only those I feel I can help you turn into a project you’d be proud of.  Once I know a little about your story, we can discuss it in more detail over the phone.  In order to accept you as a client,  you must be able to communicate both by phone and by EMAIL.  Once we enter into a project agreement and contract, we will be working together for several weeks via phone and email.  THANKS! 

If you have concerns about sharing your story with someone you don’t know, use the NON-DISCLOSURE FORM (BLUE BUTTON BELOW) to protect your story idea before sharing it with me.  ​This form is for your records ONLY and does not need to be forwarded to me.  My company name and signature are already on the form which states that all the information disclosed remains your property and not mine.