Story Development

The Screenplay Story Development Process

The Screenplay Story and Character Development Process is the MOST important step in the entire Screenwriting Process. It is designed specifically to define all the KEY story elements needed BEFORE the writing process begins. This includes focusing on the genre, character selection and chemistry, plot structure and satifying ending. These key story elements are both discussed and agreed upon by the client and the screenwriter during the story development process. The final key elements are then highlighted in a story outline (25 pages), including a brief description of what each scene will be (typically 25 scenes). This outline also shows the CHARACTER ARC which demonstrates how the main characters both change and grow during the process of confronting ‘main conflict’ in the film.

The TV Series Story Development Process

For a new TV Series the ‘character chemistry and location’ is key for any new successful show. The characters and the location (backdrop of the show) must intrigue audiences enough to want to revisit repeatedly. My job as a professional  TV series writer is to help guide the client through making the RIGHT ‘decisions’ for these requirements to ensure their project meets the industry standards.   As a professional TV series writer, I will be taking your idea for a new TV series and add all the missing KEY elements required to compete with other new shows that they will encounter during the marketing process. 

The TV Series Story Development process guarantees fully developing three-dimensional original characters that are unforgettable and unique. It also makes sure that the backdrop and location (genre) is unique and carefully presented to fully engage a broad enough audience. The TV series ending is also key, not just for the weekly shows, but for the entire first and continuing seasons as well as for the final episode.  You have to be building towards something and knowing where your characters are going to ultimately go.   Working with me, you can feel confident that your new TV series project will be the best it can be.

Selecting a Professional Screenwriter

Hiring a well trained and educated professional script writer is very important. Most of my projects are given a ‘consider or recommend’ by processional ‘industry’ readers once completed.  That shows that I have the training, background and knowledge to convey what readers are looking for. You can be sure your project will get the ‘star’ treatment it deserves as well as feel confident that your project has gone beyond your original concept and expectations.  Hiring a professional screenwriter guarantees a better chance of getting attention from industry professionals. Hire someone who knows the craft of screenwriting is a great place to start.    

How Long Does It Take for the Story Development Process?

The Story and Character Development Process for a Feature Length Screenplay are generally about 2-3 weeks. It consists of ten (10) one-hour long phone conversations between the screenwriter and the client and is completed with an outline (brief description) of the 20-25 scenes that will be written out fully in the first draft of the screenplay. Once the development stage it completes, the first draft is written which will take from 4-6 weeks to complete.

For TV series development process  the time is also several weeks. However, the TV Series is developed  differently than an original screenplay. There is more focus on the theme, location and the genre, along with the character development and chemistry.  This  is because a TV series  last much longer than a single movie. This is something that has to be considered  carefully and executed in both the first episode and the treatment. 

From Concept to Completion

Either way, you’ve come to the right person. As a professional screenwriter I will help you select the right choices for your unique project and implement them for you in the final product. I will guide you through the process, step by step, and work closely with you to get the results you are looking for in your story and characters. With my professional screenwriting knowledge you can be sure your story will have all the KEY elements required to make your project stand out. Read reviews of my other clients who have all completed projects and worked with me in the past. I’m sure you’ll agree they feel typically confident they choose the right professional screenwriter to work with on their first TV Series or Screenplay Writing projects.