Fees & Services

How To Get Started

The FIRST STEP is to email or call with a brief description of the main characters and main story idea.  The ‘idea’ doesn’t have to be perfect, but should convey a strong premise and strong conflict.  Story is conflict.  If you don’t know all the details yet, that’s fine.  That is what the STORY DEVELOPMENT process is all about.  If you have other material you want to be reviewed see the end of this page for details about cost for reviewing existing materials.  


REGARDING PAYMENT:  For payment methods, you can pay either by PayPal or by check.  However, if you choose to pay using PayPal you must include the fee (3%) as this is not something I cover and is automatically deducted from my payment unless you tell them you are including the fee.  To avoid having to make an additional payment, please make sure you are including the fee when using PayPal. 

The Ghostwriting Contract

All of the writing services are accompanied by a writing contract. The contract states that I am being hired as a ghostwriter for a fee. The service given for the writing service is also disclosed and detailed in the contract.  When your project is completed, you will then register the material with WGA and the US Copyright office under your name, and it will then become your exclusive fully registered and protected written property.   NOTE: I do not send ‘blank’ contracts for review and only send contracts to those clients ready to commit to working with me on a particular project.

Protecting Your Story Idea

If you have concerns about sharing your original ‘story idea’ with someone you don’t know, then use the NON-DISCLOSURE FORM below. This form is for your records only.  It already has my signature and company name on it so there is no need to send me a copy.   It protects our personal conversations about your story.  Once you agree to work with me on a specific project, a contract is then generated and signed by both parties which further project your project until it is completed and registered with the WGA and US Copyright office in DC.  

Full Story & Character Development For Feature Screenplays - $2500.00

The FULL Story & Character Development process is required for all new screenplay projects that are not accompanied by an existing screenplay or book.  The story development outline provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of the entire screenplay (20-25 scenes) as well as full character development for all the main and secondary characters.  The purpose of the story development process is to fill in all the missing key story elements that may be missing, as well as ensure the main character’s chemistry and dynamics are right.  It also ensures that the theme and the genre are working according to industry standards.  See the Story Development page for more details about this Story Development process.  

More complicated scripts such as period scripts, sci-fi, true stories, and/or multiple genres will require a higher story development fee which is typically increased by $1000.00.

First Draft for a Feature Sreenplay - $5000.00

The first draft fee is only for projects that have completed story development process and is based on the genre.  Screenplays that require more complicated genres result in a higher fee.   All screenplays are written in FINAL DRAFT software, which is the industry standard.  Feature scripts are generally 100-120 pages once completed.  Both the client and the screenwriter base the First Draft of the screenplay entirely on the story development outline, which has already been approved.  The turnaround time for the First Draft of a feature screenplay is usually 4-6 weeks.

More complicated scripts such as period scripts, sci-fi, true stories, and/or multiple genres will require a higher story development fee. which is increased by $1000.00

Full TV Series Development & First Pilot Episode - $5500.00

The TV Series development Process includes in-depth character development as well as the Theme, Conflict, Locations and Main conflict of the TV Show.  It also includes the writing of the First Episode (up to 60 pages), which is written in Final Draft Software (industry standard for all Scripts and TV shows).  The turn around time for the Full TV Series Development Service and completion of the First Pilot Episode is typically 6-8 weeks.

More complicated projects such as period stories, sci-fi, and/or multiple genres will require a higher fee which is typically increased by $1000.00.

Full TV Series Treatment & Additional (5) Epsiodes - $3500.00

The TV Series Treatment is written in Word Document and is typically up to 25 pages along.  It includes many areas of interest to the TV Producer, including the Title, the Logline, Theme, Genre details and locations, as well as a detailed summary of the main Characters of the show.  It also includes the additional five episodes, which complete the first Season of the TV show, which is summarized in terms of the conflict and main character goals.  The turn around time for the TV Series Treatment and Five additional Episodes (summarized) is 2-4 weeks.

More complicated TV projects such as period stories, sci-fi, and/or multiple genres will require a higher fee which is typically a $1000.00.

Feature Screenplay Rewrite - $3500.00

The screenplay rewrite is offered only for scripts that I have been reviewed ($250.00 fee) and does not require more than one-half of the script to be rewritten.  If the script requires more than one-half to be rewritten, then you must start all over again and go through the story development process.  This means too much needs to be fixed and not enough has been developed or prepared before the writing started.  That is why I strongly suggest that all new scripts and projects go through the the complete Story and Character Development Process FIRST to avoid having too many mistakes to fix after the first draft is completed.  Turn around time for a rewrite is based on the specific project needs.



Feature Screenplay Final Polish - $1500.00

The FINAL polish is also important.  In the First Draft you are taking the concept from the outline and fleshing it out in actual screenplay format. The polish takes the process one step further and into a polished script.  It focusing on  tightening and improving all the main aspects of the script and eliminating any ‘fat’ or unnecessary action, dialogue or distraction which ‘slows down the reader’.  It turns the screenplay into a ‘page turner’ by strengthening ALL the existing dialogue and action.  Turn around time for a screenplay polish is usually 2-3 weeks.

Logline & Query Letter and One Page Synopsis for Marketing - $600.00 - $900.00

The Query Letter includes the LOGLINE which is considered the number ONE marketing tool for selling a feature screenplay to producers (known as the ‘pitch’).  The Query Letter also includes a brief synopsis (one or two paragraphs) of the basic premise of the film as well as details about the main characters. It hints at the genre and theme of the film as well.  You can also request a ONE PAGE synopsis, which further highlights the main story line, as well as the main characters and main conflict as well.  The fee for adding the one page synopsis is an additional $300.00.  The one page synopsis not included with the query letter and requires an additional fee.  Turn around time is typically 1-2 weeks.

Review of Existing Materials

If you have completed materials about your project that need to be read and reviewed there is a fee for the time it takes to read and evaluate the material. Once I have read and evaluated the material I will send you note and we can discuss the project more over the phone in detail.  Turn around 1 week.

MANUSCRIPTS & TREATMENTS – (50 pages or less) – $150.00 

FEATURE SCREENPLAYS –  (120 pages or less) – $250.00

BOOKS & NOVELS – (360 pages or less) – $350.00