Current Projects

Stolen Girls

Feature Film – Drama
Rewrite & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis

‘A teenage girl in foster care is abducted by a male pimp from the south and forced to work in the sex trafficking industry in NYC’.

Independent Writer, Director & Producer Seayoon Jeong – In Development

Sunnycrest Farm For Boys

One-Hour TV Series – Period Family Drama (1960s)
TV Series Development, First Episode & Treatment by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Michael Jackson

‘Based on a true story in 1960s Lancaster, PA a 12-year-old black boy, Michael Jackson, is recruited by a Quaker Woman who runs a special agricultural farm program located in Lancaster, PA.  The farm program and school, The Sunnycrest Farm for Negro Boys, was founded by a group of Quakers in the late 1800s in an effort to take inner city boys who are at high risk for falling into the hands of inner city gangs out of Pittsburg and placed in a secure environment during their teen years.  At the farm, the boys learn how to bond with each other.  They also learn about Quaker values, farm life, growing their own food and developing friendships with Negro girls at a similar farm nearby as well as interact with their Quaker teachers, and the local Amish communities.  Many of the boys come from troubled backgrounds, some are orphans or in foster care, and many have trouble bonding with each other.  Some are also bullies and challenge the other younger boys in the ‘hidden’ cornfields to fist fights in order to settle their ‘differences.’

Based on the book ‘From Hell and Back’ by Michael Jackson

Love’s Hunger

Feature Film – Family Drama Romance Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Jemal Idris

‘A wealthy Harvard college grad develops a weight problem that threatens her health. After losing her mother at a young age, her father becomes overly concerned about her weight and confidence ‘issues.’  After graduating from Harvard, the girl has trouble choosing a career path and settles on a summer job at her father’s Cape Code Yacht Golf Country Club, until grad school starts.  There her father hires a financially challenged college student, and offers to pay him ‘extra’ to pay attention to his daughter in the hopes that his ‘flirting’ will encourage her to shed some pounds.  The plan eventually backfires when the intern  falls for the girl and the truth comes out about her father’s ‘helping hand.’

Based on story and characters by Jemal Idris

The Invisible War

Feature Film – Supernatural Spiritual Thriller Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Jessie Battle

‘Jesse Battle, a black Manhattan Security Officer and struggling artist finds himself in the battle of his life with several ‘demonic’ beings start to inject themselves into his daily life.  When an alluring woman from Trinidad, Simone Bleu, starts to stalk him his life turns even darker as he seems unable to escape either her or her fellow cronies. Through the use of her ‘demonic’ powers— and black magic — Jesse barely escapes alive to fulfill his true Godly purpose to become the last ‘Chosen Prophet of God’.’

Based on the book ‘The Endless Hour by Jesse Battle

My Grey Alien

Feature Film – Musical Sci-Fi Romance

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Jeffrey West

‘A struggling Country Western Manager and his promising Singer Girlfriend rescue an AWOL Alien after his spaceship crashes into a field outside of Nashville, TN.  After years of struggling in the Music Industry without any real success, they discover the hidden Alien has an unusual gift for music and songwriting.  Exploiting his talents, the Alien soon becomes a Country Western Music sensation, which nearly kills him.  Eventually, the Alien’s family comes to rescue him and take him back to his own planet, but at this point, the Manager’s girlfriend and the Alien have fallen deeply in love.  Soon they have a choice to make.  Do they pick each other staying on Earth where their musical success is ensured, or do they pick something that has a much more meaningful feeling than just thinking about themselves?’

Based on the original story idea, songs and music by Jeff West

Bon Appetite’

Half-Hour Pre-TEEN TV Series – Live Action & Animation

TV Series Development, First Episode & Treatment by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Lennox Blackwell

‘A mix-raced pre-teen girl whose Chef father has just died is forced to make some serious life decisions.  Does she help her mother take over her father’s newly successful catering business in London, or risk falling into poverty instead?  The problem is, neither she nor her mother can cook well.  Which leads them to discover their father’s most hidden secret – that the kitchen is filled of magical characters and utensils as well as an ancient creole cookbook that ‘talks’.  Maybe they can save the business after all, with a little help from a few of the father’s well-hidden best friends.  But this must all be held as well guarded ‘family secret’ and kept from the neighbor’s most abstruse and nosy culinary rivals!’

Based on original story idea & characters by Lennox Blackwell

The Big Three ‘O’

Feature Film –Action Adventure Comedy Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Tom Antista

‘Based in part on a true story, five college grads have had a ritual of taking an annual weeklong adventure trip ever since graduating from Boston College.  After thirty years of yearly trips, they now take the big ‘30th’ trip and face their biggest challenges of all when the elect to visit the Canadian Wilderness known as ‘The Big Bear Rain Forest’.  Facing unforeseen challenges and personal mid-life crises, their trip soon unravels and becomes life-threatening adventure instead of a vacation full of ‘fun’.  The dangers soon mount and nerves fray when their inner demons are revealed about their past relationships, career and marriage decisions, and specific personal crisis’ they currently face but have been attempting to keep ‘hidden’.  After several untold secrets are revealed, they are left with the ultimate question.  Do they remain friends and continue their annual ‘male-bonding adventures’ or call it quits about their ‘so-called’ true friendships and jealous rivalries?’

Based in part on a true story by Tom Antista

The Priest Hunter

Feature Film – Period Drama Action Adventure (1700s Ireland)

Story Development Outline by Suzanne Gillis & Tom Maquire

‘In 1700s Ireland were Catholic Priests are routinely hunted and killed for practicing their faith, two young boys engage in a secret betrayal that leads to the death of a local Catholic Priest.  Years later, one of the boys has now become a notorious ‘Priest Hunter’ who assigned to hunt and kill his childhood friend who since returned to Ireland as a defiant Catholic Priest who is determined to both practices and resurrect his dying ‘faith’ to his brutalized and suppressed village people.’

Story and Characters by Writer and Producer Tom Maquire

Story owned by Film Partner Media Limited London & DeFacto Films

Physics of Murder

Feature Film – Mystery Thriller Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis & Tom Briggs

‘A deeply insecure college professor suffers emotional abuse at the hands of his overbearing highly acclaimed academic father who runs a well prestigious Southern College.  Soon driven to despair as his overly hyped ‘academic project’ turns to out to be a complete ‘bust’ the professor soon is engaged in experiments to prove his projects worth which quickly leads to murder.  Even further distraught about his self-created scandal, he tries to cover up his crimes by using his grad students after hours experiment work as an alibi, including one of the students that he’s having an extramarital affair with. Soon everything becomes threatened, including his ‘marriage’ s half father discovers his lies and the grad students band together to reveal his ‘acts’ of killing one of the other grads.’

Original Story by Producer & Writer Tom Briggs

Purple Heart

Feature Film – Action Adventure Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & John Steiner

‘A Boston firefighter suffers a tragic fall while on duty which eventually costs him health, his career and his marriage.  Years later he sets out to find the arsonists who caused the fire that nearly cost him his life.  Soon he discovers two New Hampshire brothers who are ‘active’ serial arsonists and responsible for a number of new ‘terrorist’ inspired fires in the New England area.  With the help of a blind woman the ex-firefighter sets out to prove their guilt and catch them in the act of a newly plotted terrorist arson attempt at a local Boston Campus.’

Based in part on a true story by a former Boston Firefighter – John Steiner

King’s Rook

Feature Film – Sci-Fi Action Adventure Thriller

Story Development & Rewrite by Suzanne Gillis

‘Two Asian brothers are gifted with unique psychic powers.  As they grow up in China, they are soon torn apart as rival foreign governments for either legitimate or corrupt purposes recruit them.  They each choose different sides, which leads them to drift apart after years of childhood trauma and abuse at the hands of their father.’ Eventually, one of the brother’s is killed while the twin flies to LA to find out who killed his ‘troubled’ brother.  Their things get even more ‘heated’ as he discovers the secrets of the ‘criminals’ his brother works for and how they have been using his brother in experiments and other illegal activities.  He quickly vows to get revenge, which leads his own government, official to try and convince him otherwise.’


War of Lights

One-Hour TV Drama Series

TV Show Development by Suzanne Gillis & Jeremy Levine

‘Based in part on true story, the young inventor Nikola Tesla heads to America where he has been promised a job to work for the famous Thomas Edison himself at his New Jersey Invention Factory.  Soon after he arrives Telsa finds himself at odds with the self-absorbed Edison who is unable to share his ideas and the vision of securing ‘electrical light’ for the masses. The frequent arguments soon lead to dissent amongst the two rival inventors, which quickly forces them to part ways.  As Telsa sets out to prove Edison wrong about his theories to ensure sustainable light for America, he finds that Edison doesn’t want to go easily about being proven ‘wrong.’  With the of name Edison still proving to be hard to break about the original ‘creation of electrical light for the masses’ Telsa’s theories soon prove to be correct, which forces Edison to resort to ‘terrible deeds’ in an attempt to keep his own name attached to the light invention.’

Based in part on a true story and developed by Jeremy Levine

Saving Sarah

Feature Film – True Story Family Drama

Story Development by Suzanne  Gillis & Valerie Bruce

‘The real-life drama of an autistic girl and the experiences that her family faces in trying to both raise and protect her.  During her teen years, the girls’ life takes a turn for the worst as her behaviors become uncontrollable and lead to even criminal charges.  What does the family do? They refuse to think of institutionalizing her and try and find other ways to keep her out of harm’s way, and from harming others or herself.’

Based on a true story and book ‘Daisy’ by Valerie Bruce

Miracles Of God

Feature Film – True Story Spiritual Family Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Stephen Gyermeh

‘Real life story of about a black African boy who grew up in Western Africa to worshiping idols.  Years later he relocates to the USA and became a well-known American Pastor and Christian.  With his young ministries now growing and eventually becoming worldwide, he frequently left his young family alone to fend for themselves, while preaching the ‘the word of God’ around America.  Both his wife and children frequently suffered not having even their most basic needs met while he was away for months at a time.  But the Ministry never worried, feeling confident that God would take care of them while he did ‘God’s work’ for others.  Sometimes this worked, and sometimes it didn’t, as the families most basic ‘needs’ often not met.  Sometimes they did receive ‘God’s miracles’ when strangers showed up at the house to help them.  But they lacked the confidence their father had in God, and sometimes worried that their father relied too heavily on God instead of providing and caring for his young family.’

Based on a true story and book ‘Miracles of God  by Reverend Stephen Gyermeh

Church Nurse

Feature Film – True Story Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Jackie Price

‘A charismatic black Pastor in Detroit has a history of exploiting women and abusing them sexually, including teenage girls who work at the church outside of Detroit as Church Nurses.  Eventually, a teenage girl becomes his newest victim and actually believes that he truly loves her.  She allows the sex to continue until she grows older and realizes how wrong it is, and leave the church and the relationship.  A few years later, she discovers that her teenage niece is also working at the church and is now being abused by the same Pastor.  She confronts both the pastor, and her sister, the mother of her niece, who works at a Minister at the church.  She tells her sister of her relationship with the Pastor and the sexual abuse, and forces her niece to tell her mother to confirm that the Pastor is having sex with her.  With the secret now revealed, the family sets out for justice, which ends up with a two-year dramatic trial, and a forty-year jail conviction of the once famous Pastor.  During the long trail, many of the church community turn against the family, even threatening them to stop the accusations, till the finally more victims come forward and the truth is undeniable.’

Based on a true story by Jackie Price

On My Father’s Wings

Feature Film– True Story Action Suspense Aviation Drama

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Andrew Angelo

‘Real life drama about of a young commercial pilot in the early 1970s who struggles to land a twin-engine plane with no electrical equipment and no visibility during a horrific storm while all the airports on the entire Eastern Atlantic Seaboard was shut down due to the extreme weather. This is a true recorded and documented by FAA and recorded as a real-life rescue mission.’

Based on a true story by author, writer and pilot Andrew Angelo

Freedom’s Edge

Feature Film  – WWII Period Drama Suspense  (1940s)

Story Development & Screenplay by Suzanne Gillis (Ghostwriter) & Jadish Goswarmi

‘In the early 1940’s, a young Jewish family escapes Holland during the Nazi occupation hidden as cargo on board a ship bound for South America. Soon afterward they are discovered missing by the Nazi officials, the troubled Nazi Officer who is assigned to ‘find’ them sets out on a mission to follow them to South America and bring them back to the ‘death camps’ where they belong.   Once he finds them, he discovers his mission to bring them back, isn’t going to be feasible or easy, if he wants to remain alive’.

Story based on the Book ‘Freedom’s Edge’ by Doctor Jagdish Goswami

Mary Magdalena

Feature Film – Bible Story, Part-Fiction

Screenplay Development by Suzanne Gillis

‘The story of Mary Magdalena as a social outcast in her hometown of Magdala is told through the eyes of some local historians who speculate she is from a wealthy family who earn a living by making fishing boats and fishing equipment along the coast of Israel.  The later used her wealth to help fund the needs of Jesus and his disciples s they travel across Israel preaching the Gospel and good news to the Jewish communities.   Mary Magdalena never marries due to her being possessed by demons, which Christ cures her of during their first encounter.  She then follows Christ and the disciples, along with several other women, who work to help support the needs of the men and their ministry.   She continues to serve Christ and is considered even one of his disciples even after his death and resurrection.’

Bible historian and story by Christian Hall