The Goal

If you are searching for a professional screenwriter or TV script writer and have a truly unique and original story you wish to tell - then you have already taken the first step towards success. My professional screenwriting and TV script writing service has a proven track record of taking unique and original story ideas and transforming them into highly polished, commercially marketable projects that meet all of Hollywood's and the TV Industry strict writing standards.

I begin the Screenwriter and TV Script Writer process by sorting through all your ideas and organizing them into a highly structured outline (see the story and character development process). This ensures that your project has what it takes to meet all the demands of the market, before the writing begins. It also ensures that your project has all the KEY story elements required for a professional script or TV series to make it in a competitive industry. This includes focusing on the theme and genre, adding a rock solid structure, as well as having unique and original characters. Together, these key story elements ensure that your script has what all producers crave most -- a richly defined original story with unforgettable characters, presented in a solid genre.

As many of my repeat clients can testify, hiring a professional screenwriter can save lots of time and money by simply eliminated the many mistakes other less educated and trained writers all make. I can take your project 'from concept to completion' by guiding you through the process of my experience in crafting a well written script without wasting time on rewrites or edits. As a professional screenwriter educated at one of the top film schools in the country, I can ensure your script gets the right treatment the first time and will stand out from the rest. Get the screenwriting help you deserve by hiring a professional screenwriter who has spent years helping clients achieve their screenwriting and TV script writing goals with minimal time and effort. For those new to this site, read testimonies of other screenwriting clients who I have helped as a professional screenplay and TV script writer ghostwriter. I can assure you, your screenwriting or TV series script Writing project will be treated with the respect and talent it deserves.

"Suzanne, your seemingly effortless screenplay story-telling talent is a true gift. You have once again taken my complex story, delve deep into the character and story problems, cut out all the fat, and applied a compelling structure that enhanced both the script and characters by bringing the main theme and story into crystal clear focus. To top it off – you accomplish all this in less than six weeks whereas most other screenwriters take up to six months or longer to do far more average work. As always, I am in complete awe of your writing talents."

Vincent Taylor Independent Producer Valmont Films, British Columbia